Institutional Grade Real Estate

We see oppurtunities where others don't

At Ayana Capital, we offer our investors the opportunity to participate in investment grade real estate assets. Each opportunity has a unique story and an expected return that is commensurate with its level of risk. Understanding the differences between deal characteristics will help the investor select an asset or project that aligns with their investment timeline, appetite for risk and expected return.

Many investors seek opportunities in commercial real estate, offering diversification as well as a different risk and return profile from stocks and bonds.

Investors can choose from an array of different commercial real estate property types, such as multifamily apartment communities, retail shopping centers, suburban or central business district office buildings, industrial parks, logistical hubs, Data Centers, hotels, and even more niche property types such as student and senior housing facilities. Each property type has a unique set of characteristics that dictate its level of risk given market conditions, its relative liquidity and expected level of return. Another deal characteristic that is often an area of consideration for real estate investors is the type of market in which the asset is located. Our primary geographic focus is global gateway cities Dubai/Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, London, & New York.